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  • Class Dojo is a secure platform that teachers, students and families can use every day to build a close-knit community.

  • Learning at school (and home) can be shared through photos, videos, and messages.

  • It is secure and personal to our school.

  • Parents can easily join using any device.

  • Class Dojo instantly translates messages into 30+ languages.




ClassDojo Portfolios allow learning to be shared specifically between the teacher and pupil.  Teachers can also assign projects directly to student devices to which students can respond. Parents and teachers can leave positive feedback in the form of a like and/or comments.


Stories are instantly updating streams of messages, pictures and videos similar to a  social media-style timeline. Every class and school has their own Story, all of which are shared home with all parents. School Story helps teachers to share with all families connected to their school while Class Story helps teachers to share with all families connected to their class.



Messages allow teachers and parents to instantly message each other, without needing to share phone numbers or contact details. Messages can be translated into 30+ different languages, and “Quiet Hours” lets teachers set away times so parents know when they are not available. Messages sent out of hours will not be seen by the teacher until the next working day.

Dojo Points

Teachers use Class Dojo to promote positive behaviours in their classroom. 

Each child gets a monster avatar, and teachers can award Dojos for things such as staying on task, meeting a times table target, fantastic teamwork or brilliant homework.

What does this mean for you as a parent?

Connecting with your child’s teacher on ClassDojo will allow you to do the following:

  • Review the last two weeks of points your child received

  • Safely message with your child’s teacher

  • View, like, and comment on the pictures and/or videos that your child’s teacher posts to Class Story

  • View, like, and comment on the pictures, videos, text entries, and/or drawings that your child or child’s teacher post to your child’s Portfolio

  • View whole-school news posted to School Story

You will receive a unique email that will allow you to connect to your child’s class and teacher. Once you have created a parent account, teachers will be able to send you a unique code or link for your child’s account that will give them access to a student account, their portfolio and Class Story.

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